About us

Raviv & Anat – Architects

RA architects is an Israeli design practice that specializes in hi-end planning of residential houses and apartments. RA architects are Raviv Barnoy and Anat Blushtein, graduates of Bezalel
Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. After working and specializing in leading residential architecture offices, they founded together ‘RA architects’ practice. Our aim is to produce homes that meet and, where appropriate, even exceed the expectations of our clients. This is achieved by methodically getting to know our clients in an attempt to attain a profound understanding of their requirements, their living habits and demeanor of moving through space; addressing nonetheless the site conditions and limitations. The practice specializes in precise and creative planning, incorporating both exterior and interior design. We believe in total involvement and in closely accompanying the process from the initial sketches and concept, through planning the unique details, so as to complete the project considering the budget and to the satisfaction of our clients. The binding thread between our different projects is meticulous and professional planning in an attempt to achieve a functional and aesthetic space based on clear design ideas, balancing architecture and human scale.